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HumanSight® is Our Process to Help You Uncover Your Intrinsic Superpowers



Our HumanSight® science-based framework draws from a diverse breadth of ongoing, scientific findings.
We embrace your individuality and unique character, thereby helping you bring more of yourself to your professional role.
HumanSight framework featuring scientific areas of study

Enhanced leadership capacity

Improved individual, team, and organizational performance

Increased decision-making competencies

Enhanced listening, negotiating, and presentation skills

Deepen your professional relationships

Integrated Human Elements graphic

Human Elements

Our process is rigorous, compassionate, and creative, enabling you to create sustainable change by knowing how your minds and bodies work together, thus creating full engagement.

"I am now more fully engaged in my work and am contributing to the meetings in better ways than ever before."

Corporate Manager, Technology Industry


Use the power of understanding Anthropology, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, and Physics, Physiology to adapt to change and optimize performance.

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One-on-one Personal Coaching

Confidential. Professional. Focused.

We help our clients uncover an inside out version of themselves.  We support their growth in all personal areas that will provide a platform for confidently, focused performance. Private and customized. Make it your own:​

  • Cover areas such as career development, conflict at work, decision making, leadership development, professional goal setting, and transition coaching

  • Use the HIG approach to enhance the quality of your hires

  • Add value to the way you communicate with teams, learn healthy boundary setting and how to listen to oneself in new ways

  • Learn how to increase decision-making competencies and deepen professional relationships

  • Improved alignment across your organization

Personal Coaching

Team Coaching

Collaborative. Science and current Case Study based.

We stretch your teams beyond their current capacities. Facilitation offered for teams through highly adaptable programs. This includes expanding their competencies in brain-based thinking, Conversational Intelligence®, and we use current findings in Emotional and Social Intelligence to deepen your teams interpersonal relationships.

  • Offer topics that will expand your organizations competencies in business thinking while leading your groups toward creating sustainable business behaviors

  • Change the working reality of your teams through learning the how and why of trusting each other

  • Increase team capacity for resilience, ability to listen for clarity, and improved team communication as they adapt to change

Image by Austin Distel
Team Coaching
Image by Kane Reinholdtsen


Current. Motivating. Insightful.

Discover new ways to enhance your leadership capacity including: keynotes, interviews, and podcasts based on the HumanSight® Intelligence process.

  • Presentations have included:

    • Teaching technical leaders how to sell their ideas to management

    • Professional Growth in an Uncertain Working World

    • I am Unique Because...

    • Harnessing Personal and Professional Adaptability and Resiliency

Corporate Presentations

Current. Expansive. Flexible.

We know from time to time organizations need new ways to promote professional development. Bringing in outside resources can be effective. We work with you to ask the right questions and supplement existing leadership programs through customized partnerships with your organizationWe promote organizational development by fostering growth mindsets, thereby creating new ways to work that are inclusive and innovative. We help our clients increase their capacities to operate collectively and as a result, perform better as an organization.

  • Subjects include Conversational Intelligence, the Enneagram, Leadership Mastery, and more.

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Book: Let's have a conversation
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Let's have a conversation.

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