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We Work with Leaders at the Intersection of 
Human Science, Business Leadership, and Change.

Executive Coaching and Advising for Technical Leaders

At the intersection of human science, business leadership, and change, we uncover the intangible obstacles that stand in the way of our clients' success.

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One-on-one Coaching

Confidential. Professional. Goal Oriented. We help our clients uncover an inside out version of themselves. We support their growth in all personal areas that will provide a platform for confidently,focused,


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Team Coaching

Collaborative. Connective. Problem solving. We stretch your teams beyond their current collaborative capacities. We provide organizational and strategic development and facilitation.

Corporate Presentations

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Custom. Directed. Expansive.
We help our clients see their situations with new eyes and present subjects of their particular interest. The audience for these presentations are varied. 

"Sharon offers something different than other coaches. She has the ability to understand what I do, like no other. I have learned how to be more aware of myself and how others impact me and vice versa.
She helped me transition from one global organization to another, she’s helped me with confidence, with interviewing, with presenting my ideas to management. She’s helped me stay balanced when the pressures seem overwhelming. I recommend her to anyone who wants to advance in their career."

Sr. Client Architect & Manager, Global Technology Organization

Our Unique Framework

Respected leaders foster environments where people thrive​. Our HumanSight® science-based methodology embraces each client's individuality and unique character, thereby helping bring more of themselves to their leadership roles.

Our Framework uses science coupled with conversational, emotional and social intelligence and our business leadership experience to support your growth. Our history of working with the human elements of organizations positions us to understand the needs of ever-changing business models. 

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The Human Insight Group has consulted and coached people within with these Organizations

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Let's have a conversation.

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