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About Us

The Human Insight Group works with Leaders at

the intersection of Human Sciences, Business Leadership, and Change. 

We work with your own  "Science" to:
Enhance your leadership capacity
Improve your performance, your teams, and that of your organization
Increase your decision-making competencies
Influence and drive alignment across your organization
Enhance your listening, negotiating & presentation skills
Deepen your professional relationships

 Current research shows our brains continue to develop during our lifetime if we focus on learning new things. Recent findings in the fields of Anthropology, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, and Physiology, have added to our wealth of knowledge about being human. With this knowledge, we understand how our bodies work and that we are capable of managing ourselves physically and emotionally as we constantly adapt to change.


Our history of working within the HUMAN elements of organizations positions us to understand the needs of ever-changing business models. We have the expertise to uncover the intangible obstacles that stand in the way of our clients' success because of our understanding of the SCIENCES coupled with EMOTIONAL & SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE.

We have all been business leaders first, then we became coaches and consultants. 

We understand your challenges because we’ve experienced them ourselves.

Our Expertise


As Senior Coaches & Consultants,

the Human Insight Group works

 with Analytical Professionals 

to expand their capacities and contribute to the growth of

their Organizations. 

Our Competence in Leadership

Coaching &Consulting 

resides in these practice areas:


  • Individual Executive Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Organizational Design & Development

  • Strategic HR Consulting

  • Transition Coaching  (Career/On-boarding) 

  • Keynote Speaking for Meetings/Retreats

  • Custom Workshops: Conversational Intelligence, Enneagram, Leadership and Mastery


Our HumanSight® science-based methodology embraces each client's 

individuality and unique character,

 thereby helping bring more of themselves to their leadership roles.

        Our process is rigorouscompassionate and creative.

Three major focus areas of HumanSight®      

 are greater self-awareness, enhanced self-management and knowing

how our minds and bodies work together, thus creating full engagement. 

Client Insights

"I am now more fully engaged in my work and am contributing to the meetings in better ways

than ever before."

Corporate Manager, Technology Industry

"This was invaluable to me in my work life and my personal life and I am now assessing my future business goals

with a new set of eyes."

Business Owner, Technology Industry

"This has been an enormous learning experience for me. My communication skills with my team needed to be improved, so I am truly thankful for this experience I’ve had."

Senior Technical Manager, Financial Services Industry

"This work led to significant improvements in my business as well as my personal life. Personally, I have gained a sense of self-awareness which I use every day with my family and friends. As for business, we are now working on a strategic plan, and doing succession planning. The meetings are much more effective now that I am aware

of others around me."

Business Owner, Luxury Goods Industry


As business cycles are shortening, and analytical leaders and team

development is on the rise, organizations that engage with

The Human Insight Group will be positioned to compete for and

retain extraordinary talent.   

Thought Lab

Explore. Learn. Grow.

Our Interactive Thought Lab 

In our Thought Lab, we provide new ways to further explore yourself and gain a better understanding of your team members.  This is your place to read or hear something that will support your growth and help you gain new perspectives about your own behavior.  This is a space to find new resources, experience yourself in new ways, and the science behind what we once thought were only possibilities. 

Leader's Portal Access Request

Please request access to our LEADERS PORTAL, a toolkit consisting of articles we've written, white-papers, meditations, and our PERSPECTIVES collection.


We are happy to discuss your leadership needs both organizational and individually by scheduling a conversation or consultation below.  


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